dimanche 14 janvier 2018

First videos uploads are beginning in Saint-Jean-de-Luz...

French students are now supposed to put on line "rushes" (video footages they have made exploring seaside during the first local field's trip) or little movies(if they were able to do a montage from the "rushes")  in the Twinspace. Deadline is :  the end of the next two weeks.

This job is supposed to be a training task for the pupils to succeed in uploading and montage activities.
It is one of the things to do according to our common plan (and Gantt Chart).

A tutorial was inserted in our local website (NOTRE BUREAU EUROPEN) to help people to do some "one piece" videos from short movies and pics with a smatphone.

Please all the partners to note we'll send them a Goggle form and a Qestionaire in order to perform our first Check Point (to ensure our partnership's Quality Control)

mardi 26 décembre 2017

Main results of the December meeting and the rules of the drawing competition game (open to all students) in order to achieve a common coat of arms will be the subject of a publication inserted on our transnational public website "Noah" as soon as all partners have validated and / or amended all the proposals we have made. Click on the banner below....
Les principaux résultats du meeting de décembre et la règle du jeu du concours de dessin (ouvert à
tous les élèves) en vue de réaliser un blason commun feront l'objet d'une publication insérée sur notre
portail public transnational "Noah" dès que l'ensemble des partenaires auront validé et/ou amendé toutes
les propositions faites.

D'ores et déjà, sur le site du coordinateur : quelques éléments de synthèse suite au premier séminaire transnational, et des productions d'élèves français (la mise en ligne du compte-rendu de la première sortie de terrain est prévue courant janvier).
Click on the High School logo to see the local website...

La consigne, en ce qui concerne le blason du partenariat, sera de réaliser une libre interprétation du prototype suivant  / The instruction, regarding the blazon of the partnership, will be to realize a free interpretation of the following prototype: