mercredi 18 avril 2018

Contest result and C1 program

In our website
First short-term exchange in Cluj-Napoca from the 4th to the 8th of May.

dimanche 8 avril 2018

La pub et les animaux: des exemples travaillés

 Pendant le deuxième trimestre, nous avons travaillé la pub en portugais et on a vu comment les animaux sont utilisés par quelques marques importantes et par les institutions. La musique, l'animal, le slogan, la couleur, enfin, tous les messages... pour vendre une voiture allemande, du lait des Azores et une banque portugaise.

 (advertising with animals: listening, reading and learning)

jeudi 5 avril 2018


Friday the 6th of April

Several teachers presented today Romania and C1 travel to students and families involved in this first short term exchange. It was also a way to explain the partnership to all interested parents... talk about field trips and our future transnational goals.
Thanks to Dominique, Pascal and Jean-Luc.

samedi 24 mars 2018


Students of Seconde 4: Alejandra, Jennifer and Juliette were kind and smart hostesses in our High School's Open Day !
A successful way to make Lycée Ravel become well known, and to speak about E+A (Noah) main goals and next mobility in May. We asked to the visitors to vote fot the coat of arms they wish to be used as an official emblema of our strategic partnership....

jeudi 22 mars 2018

Second Local Field Trip in France : dissemination in the local newspaper

Students of our targeted group were involved last  Tuesday (the 20th of March)  in an exploration day as it was planned in our candidacy form. 
They went in the morning  to a Science Research centre to hear a lecture and  to see concretely how scientists use to study local salmons. They visited in the afternoon Bayonne old city, in order to see how the animals'  representations are very pregnant in christian arts and myths.

dimanche 18 mars 2018

OPEN DAY in LYCEE RAVEL the 24th of March, 2018

A FLYER WAS DONE TO PRESENT E+A (Noah) partnership....
and Erasmus+ programme.
A stand dedicated to international and european action will be implemented.

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samedi 17 mars 2018

Le message écologique sur les animaux et l'environnement

Lecture obligatoire et travail en salle de classe, en portugais :
Luis Sepúlveda, l'écrivain du Chili, un homme qui aime la nature., le merveilleux.

Zorbas le chat et la mouette...